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Lay down amazing tracks like the DJ you just saw at the club and write bangers that BOOM. Make people want to get out on the floor and jam now and create the perfect drum track for your new song! All you need is the right software, your computer and your passion for beats and music. Here we will discuss simple tools you can use to make simple beats or advanced drum lines depending on what you are looking for.

Make the girls race to the dance floor and shake their business all night long! One beginner customer claimed that in only 2 minutes after installing the Dr. Drum software he laid down a track that was better than the local DJ beats maker in his area despite their extensive experience. And that was day one. More advanced users may want to dig deeper and learn more about the music they are creating beats for. Or both! You can start with our beginner offering Dr. Drum and work your way up to a full Digital Audio Workstation and use EZ Drummer 2 and a drum pad interface.

At Ronin Asylum we welcome aspiring beat makers and drummers of all skill levels, and regardless of your background it is possible to hit the ground running and start making studio grade beats today. In order to recommend the best software package and approach we need to know more about you and your musical experience.

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Make Your Own Beats Like a Pro!

Many of our users at one time believed that to be successful and produce hot beats that people love you have to have money, contacts, agents and a ton of talent. None of this is true. If you are a beginner and want to get started fast then you can use Dr. Drum as your online beat maker. If you have a little bit of experience but want to move to the next level then Stylus RMX is a great way to get there. If you can already play the drums and know how to put together a beat from scratch then EZ Drummer 2 is a great way to fill out your rhythm section. You will need a DAW and some form of interface, but if you are ready for EZ Drummer 2 you already know that!

If you ask a DJ how hard it is to put together the bangers they use every night you can bet they are going to share enough of their process to make you think it is next to impossible to every get to where they are at. They certainly won’t tell you it’s easy or give you helpful suggestions to get started because then you would be competing with them! Even if their complicated process works for them, you don’t need it! Dr. Drum streamlines the process and fills in the cracks that other producers need engineers, studios, and additional digital effects to accomplish their goals.

Make today the day you learn how to become the rap beat maker you always knew you could be. Don’t spend a lot of money or spend years learning how to do it! Create beats online today, right now! Why use Dr. Drum over some other hip hop beat maker online? Read closely and you will see that the other guys won’t let you be the best you can be.

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Your Hip Hop Beat Maker Online

Dr. Drum can help musicians make the best Hip Hop bangers around very quickly. There will be a learning curve as with any new software or gadget, and the majority of the time will be spent learning how to navigate the user interface. Once you get the hang of where everything is then things will start moving very fast. As a Hip Hop beat maker Dr. Drum excels, but the software can do a great deal more. Dance, Urban, Grunge, House, Techno, Rock, and even Jazz beats can be produced like a pro.

You can use various devices, instruments and software with Dr. Drum, but all you really need is you PC and some speakers or headphones. Files can be exported then used in various DAWs to create entire songs. Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Cubase and more can import the WAVs you export.

Being a DJ Has Never Been Easier

Dr. Drum is usable on PC and Mac and can create amazing .WAV files that can be utilized as a part of a pro sound environment. Alongside the console the interface likewise permits the maker to control individual channel volume, export in 44.1 stereo WAVs, output tracks for individual sounds and change effects settings on individual tracks and sounds.

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