He is Dr. Shagrath and he's here to help.

He is Dr. Shagrath and he’s here to help.

Medical experts have brought it to the attention of Ronin Asylum that under certain conditions being exposed to non-metal music such as Country, Classical, Techno, House, and most certainly “Oom-pah” could result in injury or death. Or injury and death. You might go straight into a death state without being aware of any injury but you would of course be injured so it would be injury then death. If you were injured you may go a long time before you die, fuck it.

The video below is a public service announcement being released in Slovenia or Transylvania or somewhere showing the dire consequences of being exposed to such types of music. It is important to note that some non-metal styles such as Reggae, Jazz, and Funk are harmless due to their association with certain medicinal substances.

The message here is don’t be not metal. It just might save your life. As well as prevent some injuries.