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Pantera Goes Adult Contemporary

You may not have heard of Andy Rehfeldt, but believe me you’ve heard him. Even outside of heavy metal circles Andy’s work is enjoyed by millions of YouTube viewers. He is best known for turning extremely heavy tunes into Adult Contemporary awesomeness. The reverse is also true in that he created death metal versions of The Bee Gees and Lady Gaga. As weird as that sounds…

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Rush Plays Rock Band on the Colbert Report

Rush chose The Colbert Report as the show they wanted to end their 30 year hiatus from American television. They could have made a better choice. Backstage the crew had a surprise for the band. Can Rush actually keep up with themselves as they play Tom Sawyer on Rock Band?

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Reaper: It’s Not Free Anymore But Still Worth It

Reaper began as a free program for beginning customers to get inclusion with a propelled sound workstation. Since the sound creation programming has gotten notoriety, it now ought to be acquired however is shoddy and lightweight (just obliges a few megabytes to download), so it won’t eat up…

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