Make Your Own Beats Online

Dr. Drum is a master music device that will help you make your own music quick and generally simple. The product itself records the accompanying sorts of beats you can make: House, Urban, Dance, Grunge, Jazz, Rock, Techno, R&B, Punk, Hip Hop, Rap and the sky is the limit from there.

The product uses a 4 octave console to manufacture your beats. It is imperative to note the product is alluding to an advanced console as the system does not accompany a midi gadget. No hardware past a PC and the product is expected to utilize Dr. Drum.


Making Custom Beats Has Never Been Easier

The project can create studio quality .WAV documents on both a Mac and a PC yet stays natural with a simple to get to interface and instructional exercises you can really get it. Dr. Drum accompanies a 16 track sequencer permitting clients to:

  • Take advantage of the 44.1 stereo 16 bit WAV format
  • Adjust frequency, velocity, resonance and more
  • Scan sounds for individual notes
  • Control volume by channel
  • Drag and drop sounds into and around a project

The instructional exercises that accompany the system will rapidly get a client up to speed and give no less than an abnormal state working learning of how to explore the interface and make essential beats.

Dr. Drum can make thumps and alone it can be utilized for this. In the event that a maker is searching for more than a DJ or house beat style it might be important to fuse other programming, for example, Pro Tools and a few additional items. Given how cheap Dr. Drum is it is an awesome beginning stage.

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